First Quest – Rogues to Riches

J. Robert King
Rogues to Riches
First Quest

Rengie and Tooles have a scheme to get rich quick…
Little do they know they’ll have to journey to the ice cap, ride cranky horses, joust warriors, fight frost giants, bargain with witches, use chickens to defeat dragons, and become noble despite themselves.
Perhaps they should reconsider.
On the other hand, Tooles can escape a prison by using just spit! Surely he can handle a few giants…
Can they survive this quest? Should they survive? Ahh, if ever two ne’er-do-wells deserved to ne’er do well, it would be Rengie and Tooles. Fortunately for them, Fate looks after fools and children… and they aren’t children.

313 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 1-56076-825-8