First Quest – Suitors Duel

Douglas Niles
Suitors Duel
First Quest

Quest Triad Book 2.
Princess Danis Vanderthan is proud, beautiful, intelligent… and stubbornly independent. When her father the king announces a contest for noble suitors, Danis insists that her friend Holton Jaken, a commoner, ride with the group. The contest proves more complicated than anyone imagined, as cowardice arrogance, and treachery drive the suitors apart. When an army of trolls joins the fray, Holt and Danis need all their courage – and the aid of loyal companions – just to escape with their lives.
But squabbling suitors, terrifying trolls, and even an army on the march may be what is needed to teach Danis about true friendship, loyalty… and love.

282 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 1-56076-922-X