Flames of War – Ostfront (engl.)

Phil Yates, Jason Moffatt
Ostfront: Eastern Front 1942-1943
Flames of War

The seemingly unstoppable German Blitzkrieg – which threatened to sweep away the ill-prepared Red Army in the first year of war – has been checked. Now freshly raised Soviet Divisions are launching ever more bold counterattacks against the multinational Axis invaders. As more and more Axis troops race to reinforce the hard-pressed front line, the conflict on the Ostfront (Eastern Front), dubbed the Great Patriotic War by the Soviets, is rapidly escalating to become the greatest conflict in human history.
Inside you will find:

  • History of the Eastern Front campaign.
  • Complete organisation for 13 different German company types and variants.
  • Complete organisation for 12 different company types for Germany’s Eastern Front Allies; the Finns, Hungarians, Italians and Romanians.
  • History of Germany’s Eastern Front Allies.
  • Complete organisation for 13 different Soviet Battalion types and variants.
  • Inspiring colour photographs and artwork.
  • Comprehensive painting and modelling guides.

203 Seiten. 2006.
ISBN 0-9582536-7-6