Forgotten Realms – Annihilation

Philip Athans - AnnihilationPhilip Athans
Forgotten Realms Novel

R. A. Salvatore’s War of the Spider Queen Book V.
A journey through the unforgiving expanse of the endless Abyss awaits. At the end of that journey a ragged band of dark elves hope to find Lolth herself. Though they’ve managed to survive the fall of Ched Nasad, the demon-haunted ruins of Myth Drannor, and the vicious cunning of aboleth slave-masters, the Underdark is child’s play compared to the chaotic infinity of the Demonweb Pits. They’ll go to find the truth but may well find only Annihilation.
The fifth novel in an epic six-part series from the fertile imaginations of R. A. Salvatore and a select group of the newest, most exciting authors in the genre. Join them as they reveal the blackest hearts of Faerun and send them to the deepest of hells.

373 Seiten. 2005.
ISBN 978-0-7869-3752-3