Forgotten Realms – Ashes of the Tyrant

Erin M. Evans
Ashes of the Tyrant
Forgotten Realms Novel

All I want is your happiness, Farideh.

The young warlock Farideh has never worshipped the gods. But that didn’t stop the god of sin from Choosing her, infusing her with his dark powers, and tangling her in the politics of the Hells. In return for his „gifts“, all she had to do was stay alive, stay quiet…

Stay out of this. It’s not your concern.

But when the god of sin’s unfinished business comes hunting her, when his threats give way to madness, when people start dying…

The one who gets hurt doesn’t have to be you.

That’s just not something she can do.

421 Seiten. 2015.
ISBN 978-0-7869-6573-1