Forgotten Realms – Darkwell

Douglas Niles
Forgotten Realms Novel

The Moonshae Trilogy: Book Three.
Tristan Kendrick, newly crowned High King of the Ffolk, must forge a lasting alliance between the divergent peoples of the Isles. The druid Robyn must confront an evil that has infested the land itself. And together they must decide if they will face the future as king and queen – or as enemies, forever separated by failure and mistrust.
Filled with bizarre creatures and cast against a landscape such as the Isles have never seen, Darkwell is the tumultous conclusion to the epic begun in Douglas Niles’s best-selling Darkwalker on Moonshae and Black Wizards. The Moonshae Trilogy is part of the Forgotten Realms adventurs, TSR’s most extensive fantasy campaign.

341 Seiten. 1989.
ISBN 0-14-012635-X