Forgotten Realms – Fire in the Blood (HC)

Erin M. Evans
Fire in the Blood
Forgotten Realms Novel

A Brimstone Angels Novel and Companion to The Adversary.
These promises cannot be broken.
The Forest Kingdom of Cormyr plunges into war, and young warlock Farideh finds herself caught up in the politics of the Crown, war, and her immortal soul. Too many people have made promises they cannot keep.
Justice flows through the blood of the Obarskyr.
Princess Raedra, faced with tragedy, betrayal, and almost unbeatable odds, will need every ounce of her strength and cleverness to fight Cormyr free of the Shadovar threat.
To survive, sacrifices must be made.
In a clash with the Shadovar, the Crown Prince of Cormyr vanishes, and his heir falls ill. Raedra, left to lead, finds in Farideh an unlikely ally. But in order to help the princess and Cormyr, Farideh must use powers she’s been avoiding at all costs – the powers that mark her as belonging to the King of the Hells.
Here is the moment she speaks her vows with action.

464 Seiten. 2014. Hardcover.
ISBN 978-0-7869-6529-8