Forgotten Realms – Ironhelm

Douglas Niles
Forgotten Realms Novel

Book One: The Maztica Trilogy.
In a corner of the world far removed from the known Forgotten Realms stands the exotic continent of Maztica. There Erix the slave girl learns of a great destiny laid upon her by the gods themselves. At the same time, across the sea, a fateful mission of exploration embarks.
The explorers, a legion of seasoned mercenaries, sail westward to discover a land of primitive savagery mixed with high culture, of brutal, bloodthirsty gods and lavish treasures. Under the banner of their vigilant god, Helm, the legion claims these lands for their own.
Only as Erix sees her land invaded by these strangers, when her world itself starts to collaps around her, is her startling destiny revealed…

314 Seiten. 1990.
ISBN 0-88038-903-6