Forgotten Realms – Spellstorm

Ed Greenwood
Forgotten Realms Novel

Whispers race the streets of Cormyr: the reclusive Lord Halaunt has acquired the legendary Lost Spell. The crowning achievement of the late god of spells, it’s said to be potent enough to turn even a minor magician into a threat to be reckoned with. And an archwizard – nigh unto a god.
Archwizards of every stripe descend on Lord Halaunt’s manor, intent on taking the spell for themselves. The spellcasters soon find themselves trapped inside the manor, with their magic next to useless.
Playing host to the furious archwizards is Elminster of Shadowdale, Chosen of Mystra, who claims he’s just there to decide who gets the Lost Spell, but who clearly has an agenda of his own. But before Elminster can put his plan into motion, someone starts killing archwizards.

321 Seiten. 2015.
ISBN 978-0-7869-6576-2