Forgotten Realms – Swordmage

forgotten-realms-novel-swordmageRichard Baker
Forgotten Realms Novel

Blades of the Moonsea Book I.
He was a fearsome necromancer who ruled over the Moonsea hundreds of years ago, and survives as an undead lich who commands the dead of the barrowfields as his slaves.
Too many things that should lie dead and buried under stone rise and walk the Highfells once their tombs are breached.
No one is to open a tomb anywhere within land claimed by Hulburg, and it is considered high treason to collect anything of value buried in a barrow.
It’s one of the few laws the Harmachs enforce without mercy.
But someone is robbing them anyway.

375 Seiten. 2008.
ISBN 978-0-7869-5022-5