Forgotten Realms – The Gilded Rune

Forgotten Realms Novel - The Gilded RuneLisa Smedman
The Gilded Rune
Forgotten Realms Novel

A race of people, said to be forged from precious metal, face a devastating disease: Stoneplague. Those afflicted suffer agony. Eyes become opaque and glassy, skin flakes off in scales, bones fuse into an immovable skeleton, and blood turns dark and muddy. Death comes when the heart stops beating and hardens into stone. And the plague is spreading.
Torrin Ironstar is a delver, an adventurer whose daft quest to find the Soulforge in Faerun invites ridicule and scorn. But he’s used to that. He’s an outsider, a human who believes he’s really a dwarf, right down to the silver hammers in his beard.
The other citizens in Eartheart shun him, suspicious of his true intentions. Little do they know, Torrin holds the key to the cure, if only he can figure it out in time. But time is running out.

372 Seiten. 2012.
ISBN 978-0-7869-6030-9