Forgotten Realms – The Temptation of Elminster

Ed Greenwood - The Temptation of ElminsterEd Greenwood
The Temptation of Elminster
Forgotten Realms Novel

How do you tempt an archmage who has nigh everything… power, relative freedom, and the love of a goddess, among but a few of the trophies shining at his belt… to turn to dark ways and deeds?
Why, offer him godhood, of course.
– Priest Halivon Tharnstar
(Tales Told to a Blind Wizard)

It is written by some that Elminster failed the test, and was destroyed by Mystra and replaced by another who took the name and face of the last Aumar of Athalantar. Others say Elminster went mad, and is mad yet. Still others affirm that he passed the test, and turned away from the divinity that might have been his, and so became the wise but twisted thing he is today…
– Antarn the Sage
(The High History of Faerunian Archmages Mighty)

345 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 0-7869-1189-1