Gamebook – Captain Leonatos

Gamebook - Captain Leonatos
Captain Leonatos
Warhammer Warriors

Warhammer Warriors is the exciting game of battling heroes, for 2 or more players.
Quick to learn and easy to play, all you need to get battling is a friend with another book, and the fight is on. No dice required! Each hard-fought duel pits your cunning and courage against another player in a fight to the finish.
Warhammer Warrior gamebooks are so handy and quick you can play any time, anywhere. Each battle will normally last up to 15 minutes – but try fighting just one! Fight your friends on the bus or train, in the car, or simply to fill a spare few minutes.
There are no dice involved, so luck is not a factor. Instead, you must use your wits to second-guess your opponent’s actions, parrying their attacks and moving to make openings for your own killer blows.
Each book details one particular character – and each character can fight any other. This is your chance to take control of your favorite heroes and pit them against one another in the ultimate battle!

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