Gamebook – Captive Planet

gamebook-captive-planetMorris Simon
Captive Planet
Endless Quest #17

A Star Frontiers Adventure Book.
You are honored to be chosen, because of your computer wizardry, to accompany the famous Unit Five crew on their mission to the remote planet of New Pale. But the mission may become more than you bargained for when you learn the evil Sathar are the force behind problems on the troubled planet!
You are about to enter the exciting world experienced by players of the popular Star Frontiers Game. Strange creatures inhabit the outer frontiers of space, utilizing complex machines and weaponry. Are you brave enough to meet its challenges?
In other Endless Quest Books, you can explore dark, mysterious caverns inhabited by fearsome monsters, combat secret agents skilled in espionage, or attempt to survive in a future world ravaged by wars. The choice is yours!
Each Endless Quest Book is based on an exciting role-playing game, but you don’t need to know the game to enjoy the book. Just make your choces, and accept the consequences!
Remember! Only your choices can lead to success in Endless Quest Books.

157 Seiten. 1984.
ISBN 0-88038-078-0