Gamebook – Dungeon of Fear

Gamebook - Michael Andrews - Dungeon of FearMichael Andrews
Dungeon of Fear
Endless Quest: DragonStrike

You control the adventure!
You must find King Halvor’s stolen treasure and clear your name or face life in his dungeon as the culprit. You, along with Dare, the king’s champion, and Keela, a fellow thief, must learn the thief’s identity, then venture into Lord Fear’s domain to take the treasure back. You have only two days to find the culprit, overcome Lord Fear’s undead monsters, and win your freedom.
Only your choices can help save you from the Dungeon of Fear.
„Endless Quest Books“ are action-packed stories based on exciting role-playing games that allow you, the reader, to make the decisions that determine the adventure’s outcome. Read them over and over to experience new paths of excitement!

187 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 1-56076-835-5