Gamebook – Hero of Washington Square

Rose Estes
Hero of Washington Square
Endless Quest Book #7

A Top Secret Adventure Book.
You are pursued by a gang of cutthroat spies who will stop at nothing to gain the secret of nuclear weaponry. The mysterious green diamonds you have been entrusted with seem to hold the missing key they are after.
What will you do?
The perils you face are many and the choices are yours!
Will you attempt on your own to rescue Sam Brock, who has been kidnapped by the spies to discover his secret source of uranium?
Or will you enlist the aid of your friends Pigeon Mary and Bagel Ben to thwart the gang’s plans?
Action and adventure are yours in every Endless Quest book. You will find yourself returning again and again to experience new paths of excitement.
And if you succeed, you will have earned the title Hero of Washington Square.

157 Seiten. 1983.
ISBN 0-88038-022-5