Gamebook – Light on Quests Mountain

gamebook-light-on-quests-mountainMary L. Kirchoff, James M. Ward
Light on Quests Mountain
Endless Quest Book #12

A Gamma World Adventure Book.
Welcome to the future!
On an earth made hostile by nuclear war, you and your tribe live a primitive, danger-filled existence. Now you must prove your readiness for adulthood by undertaking a perilous quest.
Your task is to discover the source of the mysterious light atop Quests Mountain.
What will you do?
The perils you face are many, and the choices are yours!
Will you journey through the burning Sand Lands, risking your life against menacing desert beasts and uncontrolled machines of the Ancients?
Or will your quest lead you through the weird, mutated forests and lurking dangers of the dreaded Green Lands?
Action and adventure are yours in every Endless Quest book. You will find yourself returning again and again to experience new paths of excitement.
And if your quest is successful, you will discover the startling source of the Light on Quests Mountain.

157 Seiten. 1983.
ISBN 0-88038-055-1