Gamebook – Night of the Tiger

Gamebook - Night of the TigerJean Rabe
Night of the Tiger
Endless Quest: Ravenloft

In the dark land of Ravenloft, night brings terror. And on the island of Sri Raji, night also brings forth ferocious tigers, minions of an evil lord.
Bryandi, a young apprentice wizard, must confront the powerful lord, who has placed a terrible curse on the land.
With the aid of a giant talking raven, the young wizard must unleash the magic of a powerful ring to remove the curse and save the village from its dire fate.
„Endless Quest“ Books are action-packed stories based on exciting role-playing games that allow you, the reader, to make the decisions that determine the adventure’s outcome. Read them over and over to experience new paths of excitement!

188 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 0-7869-0114-4