Gamebook – Pillars of Pentegarn

gamebook-pillars-of-pentegarnRose Estes
Pillars of Pentegarn
Endless Quest Book #3

You are Jaimie, a young villager with a love for the enchanted forest that everyone else fears. Will you find the secret power that now rules Castle Pentegarn?
The paths you may take beyond the pillars are many, and the choices are yours. Only you can decide whether the wizard Pentegarn regains his kingdom!
Will you fight the dragon skeleton with the brave fighter Baltek at your side?
Will you try to trick the evil master whose slaves control castle Pentegarn?
Or will you run down a passage into the unknown, followed by the lovely elven thief, Lydia?
No matter which choices you make, adventure and action are yours in Endless Quest books. You will find yourself returning again and again to experience new paths of excitement.
Will your choices halt the rule of evil in the Pillars of Pentegarn?

153 Seiten. 1983.
ISBN 0-935696-92-X