Gamebook – Revolt of the Dwarves

Gamebook - Revolt of the DwarvesRose Estes
Revolt of the Dwarves
Endless Quest 5

A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Book.
You are Galen, whose family is captured by dwarven warriors revolting against human rule. Can you put a stop to the Revolt of the Dwarves?
The paths you take may lead to freedom… or death. The choices are yours. Only you can decide whether to try to warn the kingdom or to stop the dwarves yourself!
Will you travel down the river of dragons, knowing that magical monsters live there?
Will you enter the enchanted forest and enlist the aid of the pixies?
Or will you tackle the dwarves in their own dark caves and try to rescue your parents?
No matter which choices you make, adventure and action are yours in Endless Quest books. You will find yourself returning again and again to experience new paths of excitement.
Will YOUR choices successfully prevent the Revolt of the Dwarves?

157 Seiten. 1983.
ISBN 0-88038-020-9