Gamebook – Siege of the Tower

Gamebook - Siege of the TowerKem Antilles
Siege of the Tower
Endless Quest: Greyhawk Adventures

Although you are a fighter, the wizard Tyrion has placed you under a spell that renders all metallic weapons useless to you. Now, armed with only your longbow and your whip, you must somehow protect the magically powerful Dragon’s Eye from the forces of Iuz. If the Dragon’s Eye falls into the hands of the evil demigod, it could be the end of Greyhawk!
Do you flee cross-country from the army of orcs that threatens Dragon’s Eye Tower, or do you stay and fight the marauding hordes? Or do you seek refuge in the winding, dangerous tunnels beneath the tower?
Only your choices can break the „Siege of the Tower“.

188 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 1-56076-894-0