Gamebook – Spell of the Winter Wizard

Gamebook - Spell of the Winter WizardLinda Lowery
Spell of the Winter Wizard
Endless Quest #11: Dungeons & Dragons

Warzen, the evil Winter Wizard, has cast a spell of ice and snow over the land of Eternal Spring. You must rescue the captive Wizard Alcazar and stop Warzen… if you can! His army of orcs and boars is mighty and his magic is powerful!
What will you do?
The paths you may take are many, and the choices are yours!
Action and adventure are yours in every „Endless Quest“ book. You will find yourself returning again and again to experience new paths of excitement.
Remember! Only you can remove the icy „Spell of the Winter Wizard“.

156 Seiten. 1983.
ISBN 0-88038-054-3