Gamebook – The Crown of Kings

Gamebook - Steve Jackson - The Crown of KingsSteve Jackson
The Crown of Kings
The Sorcery Epic 4 – Fighting Fantasy

The legendary Crown of Kings is at last within your grasp – or is it?
At the end of your long trek, you face the unknown terrors of the Mampang Fortress. Hidden inside the keep is the Crown of Kings – the ultimate goal of the „Sorcery!“ epic. But beware! For if you have not defeated the Seven Serpents, your arrival has been anticipated…
Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all you need. YOU decide which paths to take, which dangers to risk and which monsters to fight.
Complete with the „Sorcery!“ Spell Book, „The Crown of Kings“ can be played either on its own, or as part of the whole epic.

367 Seiten. 1985.
ISBN 0-14-031810-0