Gear Krieg – Fields of War

Gear Krieg - Fields of War
Fields of War
Gear Krieg

The study of terrain is an essential part of the art of war. In History’s countless battles, the commander who best understood the characteristics of the battlefield has held the advantage over his enemies. Armies of superior strength and ability lost in the field of battle simply because their leader didn’t understand the tactical implications of the battleground laid before him.
„Fields of War“ explores the various battlefields of the Superscience-powered World War II. The sourcebook primarily covers additional game rules necessary to fight tabletop battles in complex, life-inspired environments with the miniatures rules introduced in the basic Gear Krieg rulebook. Beyond some background information on the various theaters, the sourcebook also contains extensive modeling techniques for quickly building interesting tabletop scenery.
The „Fields of War“ sourcebook includes:

  • Game statistics and special rules for all land features, whether natural or man-made;
  • Several scenario seeds for the Gear Krieg universe, each centered around a particular terrain type.
  • Scenery modeling instructions and suggestions;
  • Conversion notes for miniatures to show operational wear;
  • Sample heroes and instructions on how to model their vehicles/units;
  • Four-page color sections featuring the batlefield and vehicles of Gear Krieg!

ISBN 1-894578-65-1