Guild Ball – Season II

Mat Hart, Rich Loxam
Guild Ball: Season II
Guild Ball

Guild Ball is a tabletop game. Players will enjoy the freedom of movement and complexity of decision making this entails. Guild Ball is played all across theEmpire of Free Cities encompassing a wide variety of terrain which in turn allows for huge choice of playing surfaces and landscapes.
The updated Season 2 Guild Ball core game engine is now faster and easier to play. Guild Ball is played using classic D6’s with an intuitive dice pool system, hit resolution is lightning fast with minimal computations. Guild Ball’s Playbook system allows for a huge variety of outcomes to each action. You decide the in-game effect you need to deliver success.
Guild Ball models are carefully designed to play off and feed into each other, creating a huge depth of strategy available to players. Featuring a unique system that reflects the ebb and flow of a football match, as player build momentum they will have access to awesome special moves and plays.
Season 2 of Guild Ball adds an innovative campaign system that makes every game important and secret dealings in the shadows are vital to your success. With new plots and abilities exclusive to the campaign system, your playing group can now fully immerse themselves in the Empire of the Free Cities.
Guild Ball uses detailed 30mm miniatures, carefully designed and sculpted to deliver a world-class range of models for both painters and gamers. Season 2 bring over 30 new models to the range to build your roster and add new exciting strategies to your games.

127 Seiten. 2016.
ISBN 978-0-9932036-1-9