GURPS – Best of Pyramid Volume 2

Best of Pyramid Volume 2

This book reprints 33 more of the best GURPS items from the print issues of Pyramid Magazine, updated by editor Steven Marsh.

Strange lands and encounters…

  • Sanctuary – High action in a city of secrets.
  • The Ghost Ship – classic horror from the sea.
  • San Juan in the One-and-Twenty for Cyberworld.
  • The Hotel Fuentes, whose guests are out of time… literally.
  • The Intercession, where enemies gather and talk.
  • The Bottomless Pit – nowhere to go but down.
  • U-Store-It, and you never know what you’ll find.

Complete settings and campaigns…

  • CybEarth – a planet of willful robots without masters.
  • The Hole – mysterious, dangerous, and inescapable.
  • The Unity War – a sci-fi universe of secrets within secrets.
  • 23 Skiddoo – when alternate realities clash!

Optional rules…

  • The Yalkani – turtle-like aliens with a genetic skeleton in their closet.
  • Unlimited Mana – where magic is mighty yet costly.
  • More Power! – revealing the true utility of a Grimoire spell.
  • The Five Treasures of Ragathar – artifacts that are powerful, seductive, and cursed.
  • Salvation for the Disillusioned Archer – new versatile bows and arrows.
  • Magic on the Edge – An alternate Cyberworld of outlawed magic!

Strange artifacts and devices from Warehouse 23…

  • The Seven Books, Mordal’s Axe, Arachne’s Tapestry, Gordon’s Glove, The Black Stylus, The Brainmaker, The Codex of the Mind, The Electronic Surveillance Platform, The True Eye, Life Stealer, The Chalice, The Ecstacy Virus, and The Cursed Sword of Hsima.

Challenging adventures…

  • First Contact – a Space scenario of intrigue and diplomacy!
  • Loving the Dead – a love story… for Cyberpunk!
  • Pawnshop – magic and terror in the modern world.
  • Gothic Surf Shop – Cybervamps and Surf Nazis!

128 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-55634-542-9