GURPS – Blue Planet

William H. Stoddard, Jon F. Zeigler
Blue Planet

In 2199, the planet Poseidon is humanity’s newest home. Orbiting Lambda Serpentis, 35 light-years from Earth, it offers something Luna and Mars never had: indigenous life, as diverse as Earth’s. And now it offers a treasure: xenosilicates, the mysterious genetic catalysts that can stop aging or remake species. Will the settlers from Earth learn from humanity’s mistakes, or reapeat them?
The game of Blue Planet offered roleplayers a richly detailed setting for outer space – and underwater – adventure. Now Steve Jackson Games offers the GURPS community a passport to this exotic world. In GURPS Blue Planet you will find:

  • A survey of Poseidon’s history, geography, and biology.
  • New rules for underwater activities, including new advantages, disadvantages, and skills.
  • A guide to Poseidonian technology that’s compatible with all the GURPS „tech“ material.
  • Flexible character creation rules for many different levels of capability, from talented human to borderline superhuman.
  • Cybernetic and genetic enhancements for your characters, defined in terms of GURPS advantages and disadvantages.
  • Suggestions for creating a campaign that suits your own tastes, whether you favor fast-paced action or exploring philosophical issues.

If you’re looking for a hard science fiction setting for your next adventure, let this be your guide to the Poseidonian frontier!

144 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-55634-588-7