Heavy Gear – Artillery & Ground Warfare

Heavy Gear - Artillery & Ground WarfareMarc-Alexandre Vezina
Tactical Field Support: Artillery & Ground Warfare
Heavy Gear

The Tactical Field Support manual contains additional rules and equipment for Dream Pod 9’s exciting Heavy Gear mechanized science-fiction game. Within these covers you will find:

  • The all-new Skirmish Scale, which brings more detail and a lot more action to small units combat;
  • A detailed advanced combat initiative system for small unit actions;
  • Advanced artillery rules, including barrage fire and locked-on artillery missiles;
  • Advanced minefield rules, including proximity, remote and jumping mines;
  • Optional rules for field engineering and detailed close combat;
  • Eight new support weapon systems, from the Light Artillery Unit to the monstrous Very Heavy Artillery Missile;
  • Four new Perks, more options to add to your vehicles;
  • And fully illustrated descriptions and game stats for 25 battlefield support vehicles.

125 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 1-896776-10-8