Heavy Gear – Campaign Setting 2

Heavy Gear - Campaign Setting 2Michael Butler, Guy-Francis Vella
Campaign Setting 2: The Paxton Gambit
Heavy Gear

Picking up where the Second Edition Heavy Gear Rulebook left off, the Paxton Gambit brings Heavy Gear fans back to Peace River, the Badlands‘ most powerful city-state. In the last two cycles, the city and its corporate master Paxton Arms have been rocked by scandal, assassination and terrorism. Paxton is determined to secure itself before things get out of control and its enemies are desperate to strike a telling blow. Now, Eastern rebels and Northern diplomats have come to town to strike a secret deal. Enemies are coming out of the woodwork to ruin the negotiations and bring the whole city down with them. The only thing standing in their way is a small cadre of peace officers in over their heads…
The Paxton Gambit: Peace River Showdown is a complete roleplaying campaign supplement and mini-sourcebook suitable for beginning and experienced Heavy Gear Players. It includes:

  • Additional background on Peace River and recent events;
  • Detailed information on the Peace Officer Corps. including specialized equipment and vehicles;
  • Maps of Peace River and cutaway diagrams of its structure;
  • A complete roleplaying campaign, including nine linked scenarios;
  • Game statistics for three Paxton Gears.

62 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 1-896776-33-7