Heavy Gear – Character Compendium 1

Heavy Gear - Character Compendium 1Philippe Boulle
Character Compendium 1
Heavy Gear

The Heavy Gear Character Compendium provides a wealth of information for Gamemasters of the Heavy Gear roleplaying game. Ten different groups are profiled, each fully detailed and ready to interact with Player Characters as allies, friends, enemies or contacts. Each group has its own stories which can also be easily integrated into an existing campaign.
The Compendium also takes a close look at the most important people in TN 1933 (A.D. 6132). Moving beyond the geographical limitations of regional sourcebooks, the Compendium examines many of the plots and alliances forming across Terra Nova, hinting at the powerful events to come.

157 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 1-896776-08-6