Heavy Gear – Duelist’s Handbook

Heavy Gear - Duelist's HandbookPierre Ouellette
Duelist’s Handbook
Heavy Gear

The „Duelist’s Handbook“ brings Heavy Gear players into the ritualized and violent world of Gear dueling. The guardians of regimental honor, the stars of professional sports teams or the vicious gladiators of the underground, Duelists exemplify all the best and worst qualities of Terra Nova. The Handbook examines the duties and lives of military, professional and underground duelists, and features three new Gear models, new weapons, Perks and detailed rules for small scale tactical combat. Seven prominent Duelists are also profiled, and details are provided on the city-state of Khayr ad-Din – an ideal roleplaying setting for Duelists.

127 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 1-896776-07-8