Heavy Gear – Game Accessory 1

Heavy Gear - Game Accessory 1
Game Accessory 1: Gamemaster’s Guide
Heavy Gear

Running a game is no picnic. This supplement contains vital information that will provide everything both novice and experienced Gamemasters need to run a dynamic, action-packed, highly entertaining Heavy Gear campaign. The Gamemaster’s Guide also provides a full listing of Perks and Flaws for roleplaying characters, allowing you to add extra detail to your Heavy Gear characters.

  • Full color map of Terra Nova
  • Three-fold Gamemaster’s Screen
  • Easy-to-access reference tables
  • How to handle novice or problem Players
  • Character Perks and Flaws
  • Random equipment package tables

47 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 1-896776-34-5