Heavy Gear – Gears & Striders

Heavy Gear - Gears & StridersPierre Oullette
Northern Vehicles Compendium One: Gears & Striders
Heavy Gear

The Vehicle Compendium series showcases the most common pieces of vehicular equipment used by the armed forces of Terra Nova in the 62nd century. This first volume contains the Gears and striders originally found in Field Guides N1 and N2, along with all the weapons, perks and flaws found in these two books, and a wealth of new material.
This Compendium provides descriptions, service records, blueprints and game statistics for fifteen of the most commonly used northern Heavy Gear classes, along with seventy vehicles based on these basic chassis. Two strider classes and six variants provide additional fire support. The future is also covered with in-depth examinations of five Gear and strider development projects currently under study. Many vehicular weapons are also detailed, as well as over fifteen Perks and Flaws. The Northern Vehicle Compendium contains much more vehicle-related information, such as:

  • The complete development history of the first true Heavy Gear, the Hunter;
  • The history, organization and area of expertize of six Gear-related corporations;
  • A listing of tactical missions and theaters of operation, along with their use in the tactical game;
  • A guide to the Vehicle Recognition codes;
  • An examination of the most commonly used camouflage patterns;
  • A complete description, list of equipment and floor plan for a Modular Advanced Maintenance Outpost (MAMO) field hangar;
  • And multiple game aids such as a blank vehicle data sheet, comparative vehicle charts and a complete listing of current Heavy Gear weaponry.

221 Seiten. 1996.