Heavy Gear – Humanist Alliance

Heavy Gear - Humanist AllianceJames P. Prince
Southern Leaguebook Two: Humanist Alliance
Heavy Gear

A utopia built on the principles of rational science and the common good, the Humanist Alliance has stood almost unchanged for 350 cycles. The vision its enlighted founder Yuri Gropius still guides it today. Dark shadows lurk within this bright land, however. Social harmony depends on all citizens doing their part and powerful state institutions maintain unity. Personal freedom is fleeting, seemingly innocent quirks can easily be labeled deviant and result in reeducation. Hypnosis, drugs and other mind-control techniques routinely regulate the population. The situation is made far worse by the Alliance’s domination by the Southern Republic. This insular society is ready to crack.
The Humanist Alliance Leaguebook gives Heavy Gear roleplayers and Gamemasters everything they need to set scenarios in this dark utopia. The sourcebook includes:

  • A complete history of the league
  • Details on resistance movements
  • Information on HIRA, the secretive Humanist espionage service
  • Full writeups and maps on all seven Humanist city-states
  • Sample campaign set-ups
  • New equipment.

112 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 1-896776-26-4