Heavy Gear – Mekong Dominion

Heavy Gear - Mekong DominionAndrew J. Lucas
Southern Leaguebook Three: Mekong Dominion
Heavy Gear

While the majority of the planet is bracing itself for what seems like an inevitable conflict, the Mekong Dominion is already engaging in all out warfare. Merchant princes send forth their delegations deep within the Dominion’s neighbors, entrenching themselves in the financial heartland of both enemies and allies. Deceit and trickery are seen simply as the cost of doing business. While the rest of the planet steels for the coming battles, the Dominion is making itself wealthy.
The viciousness of the jungle creatures is matched by the ruthlessness of the Dominion’s corporations. Survival of the fittest is not only a fact of life – it is policy. This sourcebook includes:

  • A complete history of the league.
  • Information on the powerful Mekong corporations.
  • Details in the Dominion underworld.
  • Full writeups and maps for all seven Dominion city-states.
  • Sample campaign set-ups.
  • New equipment.

112 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 1-896776-28-0