Heavy Gear – Northern Leaguebook 3

Heavy Gear - Northern Leaguebook 3Chris Hartford
Northern Leaguebook 3: Western Frontier Protectorate
Heavy Gear

The war to the south is not going well and, after having been the subject of minor raids since the start of the conflict, the bombing of Fort Henry has brought the Western Frontier Protectorate its first real taste of the horrors of war. Many militaristic Westeners are clamoring for revenge, seeking the prosecution of a centuries-old feud. Others argue that this is not their war and that the Protectorate’s troops are being sacrificed on the altar of Norlight and Mercantile ambition. The lines are drawn, but which will win? Blood lust or pragmatism?
The WFP is a land bound together by honor, loyalty and family, but will that be enough to allow them to withstand the storms of war?
This sourcebook includes:

  • A complete history of the Western Frontier Protectorate.
  • Information on the Protectorate’s government and its links with the WFPA.
  • Details on the major clans, their alliances and feuds.
  • Information on the enfranchisement movement.
  • Full write-ups and maps for all three Protectorate city-states and several minor settlements.
  • Sample campaign set-ups. New character archetypes. New Equipment.

96 Seiten. 1999.
ISBN 1-896776-53-1