Heavy Gear – Operation: Jungle Drums

Heavy Gear - Operation Jungle DrumsElie Charest
Operation: Jungle Drums
Heavy Gear

Dieses Heft ist Teil des Heavy Gear ‚Gamemaster Starter Kit‘.
The Heavy Gear Gamemaster Starter Kit is a Silhouette game supplement for Dream Pod 9’s exciting Heavy Gear science-fiction game. Within this folder you will find:

  • A three-fold Gamemaster reference screen which contains all the important tables of the rulebook (tactical, roleplaying and vehicle weapons tables), displayed in a clear and concise manner to facilitate your game sessions:
  • A 48-page booklet which contains a ready-to-play roleplaying adventure, complete with a full cast of pre-generated Players and Non-player Characters. The booklet also features sample GRELs (Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaires); two never-published-before Heavy Gears: the „Kodiak“ (North) and the „King Cobra“ (South); and concise reference sheets containing all the vital roleplaying and tactical tables. Lastly, it includes blank stat sheets to photocopy.
  • Four (4) full color 16×21“ hex maps (2 desert and 2 woodland terrains), printed on quality paper stock;
  • And nearly 100 various counters (including 24 Heavy Gear, 16 various APCs, 2 striders, 16 infantry, and 27 Top Speed markers; printed in colour on quality stock).

41 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 2-921573-30-X