Heavy Gear – Southern Record Sheets 1

Heavy Gear - Southern Record Sheets 1
Southern Record Sheets 1: Gears & Striders
Heavy Gear

The Vehicle Record Sheets supplements are companions to the Vehicle Compendium series. Each Record Sheets package provides Heavy Gear players with game sheets for use when playing tactical battles. This supplement covers all the vehicles from Southern Vehicles Compendium One: Gear and Striders, including 83 widely deployed Gears, 11 combat striders, and 10 vehicle prototypes.
The record sheets are designed for ease of play and are presented in a format easy to copy for use in games. They allow players to jump right into battle with the full range of Heavy Gears and striders available to the military commanders of Terra Nova.

111 Seiten. 1997.
ISBN 1-896776-15-9