Heavy Gear – Space Vehicles Compendium 1

Heavy Gear - Space Vehicles Compendium 1
Space Vehicles Compendium 1: Ships of Terra Nova
Heavy Gear

Terra Nova has a relatively small space fleet for a sovereign world in command of its own fate. Nevertheless, in recent times, the personnel and vehicles of this fleet have been called upon to embark on one of the most pivotal, important tasks in the strife-rich history of the human race. Spaceship Compendium I: Terra Nova takes a look at these people, their ships and some of the infrastructure that supports them.
This sourcebook includes:

  • A detailed look at one of Terra Nova’s Gateships, the UMFGS Laban Emuros.
  • Spacecraft for both military and civilian operations.
  • Terranovan launch facilities, including an Aurora-class landship mobile launch facility.
  • Detailed deckplans and maps of several ships and facilities.
  • Sample campaign seeds.
  • New equipment and NPCs.

80 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-894578-57-0