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Heavy Gear - Terranovan EquipmentJason English
Equipment Catalog: Terranovan Equipment
Heavy Gear

The Equipment Catalog sourcebook is a game resource for Dream Pod 9’s exciting Heavy Gear science-fiction game. The Catalog is the one-stop shopping destination for Heavy Gear Players and Gamemasters alike. From trideo games to the most powerful weapons any character is likely to need, the Catalog is for everyone who has ever asked or needed an answer to that burning question: „So, what stuff can I get?“
This sourcebook includes:

  • New and expanded equipment listings;
  • Dozens of new weapons;
  • New rules for sights/sound suppressors and explosives;
  • Map and stats for the Bechider Supply House, an arm and equipment store;
  • Quick reference chart listing all the Heavy Gear tools and weapons ever published.

64 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-896776-73-6