Heavy Gear – Terranovan Technology

Heavy Gear - Terranovan TechnologyMarc-Alexandre Vezina
Technical Manual: Terranovan Technology
Heavy Gear

Nothing drives technological advancement quite like warfare, and Terra Nova has seen more than its fair share. In TN 1933 (6132 A.D.) almost every aspect of technology has greatly advanced: from new armor-grade materials and deadly Heavy Gears, to the ability to perform extensive genetic manipulations and design computers that learn by themselves. The Technical Manual examines the technology of the world of Heavy Gear and provides full background and development information along with technical illustrations. Also featured are complete rules for using, repairing and modifying technology in Heavy Gear campaigns and games, along with twenty-three new types of ammunition for projectile and missile weapons.

125 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 1-896776-06-X