Hero System – C.L.O.W.N.

Champions - Stan West - C.L.O.W.N.Stan West

Enter the wacky and wild world of C.L.O.W.N., a group of supers who commit crimes for the fun of it! Match wits with Slapstick and Merry Andrew. Race against TEE-HEE, a car with a mind of its own. And when CLOWN begins the world’s largest scavenger hunt, can you prevent the mayhem from getting completely out of hand?
„C.L.O.W.N.“ is an organizations book for Champions that includes:

  • 14 detailed character write-ups.
  • The CLOWN base.
  • TEE-HEE, the CLOWN car.
  • Several ready-to-run adventures.
  • Notes on how to integrate C.L.O.W.N. into any Champions campaign.

Ca. 30 Seiten.
ISBN 1-55806-055-3