Hero System – Robot Gladiators

Champions - Steve Perrin - Robot GladiatorsSteve Perrin
Robot Gladiators

Pilot one of the galaxy’s most sophisticated battle machines in the sport of the future. Once you meet the United Robot Sporting Associates‘ high standards and receive your pilot’s license, of course.
„Robot Gladiators“ outlines a campaign which can be run by itself or as a part of an existing Champions campaign – especially as a follow-up to „Robot Warriors“. Here you’ll find ten destructive robots along with their well-trained pilots itching for metal-bashing action. Snap on your protective flak suit, surround yourself with tons of mechanized steel and alloys, and test your skills against the professionals! You may be the next Graham Holo-cup winner!

31 Seiten. 1988.
ISBN 1-55806-012-X