J. M. Dillard – Where No One Has Gone Before

J. M. Dillard - Where No One Has Gone BeforeJ. M. Dillard
Where No One Has Gone Before: A History in Pictures

Star Trek: „Where No One Has Gone Before“ covers the entire, incredible Star Trek Story, from the original show’s genesis to the aborted second television series in the late 1970s to Star Trek’s resurgence in the movies and two hit television shows, and on into the future with a special preview of Star Trek’s latest incarnation: Star Trek: Voyager.
This ultimate, deluxe collector’s edition features personal accounts, anecdotes, and full-color photographs from the actors, fans, and backstage professionals who helped make the show so incredibly popular.

207 Seiten. 1994. Pocket Books.
ISBN 0-671-51149-1