J. Osterbrink – Living Fantasy

Julia Osterbrink
Living Fantasy: An Ethnography of Roleplaying Games

What is a role playing game?
What kind of games are there?
What genres exist?
What’s about those strange dice?
And why do I never understand a role player when he talks about his hobby?
Living Fantasy offers an in-depth look on the entire role playing scene. Focussing on the tables of the pen&paper gamers, but also ranging from the woods and forests of Live Action Role Playing over the digital worlds of Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games to the omnipresent adaptions of role playing concepts in everyday life, Julia Osterbrink’s book details the rites and customs, language and in-jokes of this creative, multi-layered, vibrant sub-culture.

Format DIN A5.
ISBN 978-3-8391-3971-4