J. Van Hise – Let’s Trek 1995

James Van Hise - Let's Trek 1995James Van Hise
Let’s Trek: The Budget Guide to the Federation 1995

Take a guided tour of the imaginary realm of Star Trek. This highly unauthorized and unofficial but very useful travel guide, not endorsed by either Paramount or the United Federation of Planets, provides complete background for the traveller to the many worlds of Star Trek.
A planet by planet, city by city guide provides a fantastic look at the history and culture of each location as well as offering suggestions of places worth visiting, foods worth eating, and every other necessary travel detail to plan your successful trip.
Chapters include Vulcan, Romulus, Cardassia, Bajor and many, many others. The reader will explore Talos IV, the forbidden world, (a highly classified file.) as well as the unnamed planet where the Guardian of Forever can be found. The imaginative possibilities for a fascinating trip are enormous! Travel to Vulcan, the desert planet, and to Romulus, a world of similar races but very different cultures.
An introductory chapter provides a history of the Federation, including background on Starfleet Academy, and many of the commissioned vessels. The Budget Guide to the Federation is a unique guide to the myriad worlds of Star Trek.

139 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 1-55698-336-0