Kings of War – The Basilean Legacy

Alessio Cavatore
The Basilean Legacy
Kings of War

Welcome to The Basilean Legacy, the second supplement to the fantasy mass combat game Kings of War. Within this mighty tome you are going to find:

  • Basilea the Golden. Discover the holy realm of Basilea and its rich history through compelling background and illustrations, depicting the forces of Basilea and its most spectacular city: The Golden Horn. Uncover the history behind the Hegemon, its enemies and the pious warriors and holy zealots that fight against the Forces of Evil. Learn about the new living legends that arise in Mantica.
  • Nature’s Imbalance. A purely neutral force caught in the crossfire between the warring armies of Mantica, the Forces of Nature are born from the Green Lady’s celestial will and her desire to maintain the balance; neither Good nor Evil should be allowed to prevail! Comprised of Sylphs, Druids, Gnomes and more besides, this Force List allows you to command an army of the elements.
  • Rooted in Evil. The gateway to Hell itself, the tainted land of the Wicked Ones is home to the malevolent Abyssals. When the dark energies that reside within burst forth into the land of Mantica, it does so accompanied by monstrous armies of Harbingers, Molochs, and Behemoths, all detailed in the Forces of the Abyss list.
  • Magic of Mantica. Building on the simple system in the Kings of War rulebook, discover all new ways to use magic in Mantica, with spells such as Frostwind, Bladestorm and Fireball. From Darklord’s Onyx Ring to Kaba’s Holy Hand Grenade, The Basilean Legacy expands the array of magical artefacts available to your army. Bestow a mighty sword on your hero or customise your units with enchanted relics.

63 Seiten. 2013.
ISBN 978-0-9569945-6-1