Kryomek – Hivestone

Kryomek - HivestoneR. Pinto

Military Analysis 3441 – 3507 IST.
Detailed campaign descriptions spanning from the earliest period of colonisation to the gargantuan struggles with the alien Kryomek.
Comprehensive army lists for Early Rebels, Pre-war Nexus, Colonial Marines, Glindex Fork Campaign Nexus, Early Kryomek, Warzone Nexus, Heptadic Rebels, Beta & Gamma Strain Kryomek.
Complete points system for all weapons & troop types.
Articles on rebels & warlords; cyclo conflict forces & the latest Talos cybernetic units; striders & quadrupeds; beta & gamma strain Kryomek; serumic pipes, ballistae & battlefield swarmmasters.
New extensive rule supplements covering Rebels, Cyclos, CBUs (including the new Talos T62 MS), new Kryomek weapons, Swarmmasters, Twister Capsules, Jet Bikes and a host of other additions and developments.
88 illustrated pages which take the Kryomek game system into the next stage of development.

83 Seiten. 1994.