Kryomek – Rulebook

Kryomek - RulebookRicardo Pinto
Kryomek: 25mm Science Fiction Skirmish Combat System

Kryomek is a furiously fast, hard fought tabletop skirmish game using the wide range of figures and accessories available from Fantasy Forge.
This book is the first part of a fully integrated Game System that will allow a sophisticated re-enactment of the Great Wars between the Nexus forces of Panhumanic Spacetime and the Swarms of the Kryomek Great Hive Hegemony.
The Kryomek Game System will cover everything from planet-surface skirmish combat to trans-galactic strategic conflict and every level of combat in between.

  • Kryomek 136 Page Rule Book
  • 2 Card Sheets of Counters
  • 3 Acetate Sheets of Weapon Templates
  • 1 Card Reference Sheet
  • 3 Record Sheets.

132 Seiten. 1991.
ISBN 1-873965-00-1