Legendary Lives – Rulebook 2nd Edition

Legendary Lives - Rulebook 2nd EditionJoe Williams, Kathleen Williams
Legendary Lives
Legendary Lives

2nd Edition – Fully revised!
In Legendary Lives, you’ll play a hero in a fantastic realm of epic adventure. You’ll pit your spells against the magic of powerful sorcerers, wield mighty weapons in battle with mythical creatures, and explore a richly textured world filled with sinister cults and strange societies.
Legendary Lives stresses fast action and storytelling, helping you recapture the excitement of your first role playing experience. You’ll have no trouble learning Legendary Lives. It’s especially designed to welcome new players – even those who never thought they would enjoy role playing.
This manual contains everything you need to play:

  • 26 races, from everyday elves to esoteri entomolians
  • An open-ended magic system that lets you cast any spell imaginable
  • New rules for truly heroic battles
  • Two ready-to-play adventures

270 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 0-9625166-4-3